A genuine consultation should allow people to make informed decisions and there is little in this document to inform the local community and patient population of the benefits of either service. We feel the DOAC is effective at delivering first class patient care:

1. The DOAC is GP led. You can therefore see a GP when you can't get an appointment with your registered GP or when they are closed on evenings, and weekends. This site is open 8am until 8pm 365 days a year. The WIC is nurse led and this will mean (at times) the patient cannot get the same level of clinical care and they will have to be sent back to their own GP or even to the DOAC or A&E.
2. There is no pharmacy provision nearby to the WIC. At the DOAC you have Pear Tree Pharmacy on site that is open when the DOAC is open and in addition there are many pharmacies nearby in the Normanton area that are accessible.
3. Use of alternative languages - a great need that goes unnoticed and a diverse blend of staff provide this service through good will. The cost of interpreters is huge so cost efficiencies are being made whilst patient care and experience is at the forefront.
4. There is only an off-site parking option at the WiC site and you have to pay for this. At the DOAC you have free on-site parking option and free street parking nearby. Furthermore, you do not have to cross a very busy road (especially difficult for mothers with children and the elderly) which you do before you can access the WiC.

You can also register with a GP at the DOAC and be seen 8am until 8pm, 365 days of the year.
All of the above points support our message that our service is the one that delivers an outstanding level of care and quality of service to the patient whilst representing value for money.

We appreciate that the PCT must find solutions that will help them to reduce costs in line with the recent government cutbacks; however we feel very strongly that the closure of DOAC is not an option that will deliver these savings. The closure of a GP-Led Walk-In service against a nurse led walk-in service will ultimately cost the tax payer more.

We are disappointed that this consultation a paper leads people to make the conclusion to close the DOAC. We would therefore like to encourage people to follow the facts and make up their own mind on what type of service they would like to see stay open.

The consultation paper clearly states that there are only 2 options that they believe are viable:

1) Closure of the DOAC (GP-Led Walk-In Centre)
2) Closure of the Walk-In Centre (Nurse Led)

We urge as many people as possible to send a clear message to the PCT and choose to keep the DOAC (GP-Led service) open. Due to the way the questionnaire is worded this means that those wishing to keep the DOAC open will have to choose the option to close the WiC as there is no option to choose asking to keep the DOAC open.

To do this we need you to fill out a simple questionnaire that will only take about two minutes. You should have received the consultation document from NHS Derby City. If not, please call into Derby Open Access Centre and pick up a copy.

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