One Medicare awarded contract to deliver GP Led Health Centre in Grimsby | One Medical Care

One Medicare awarded contract to deliver GP Led Health Centre in Grimsby

The centre, which will open on Cleethorpes Road in Grimsby on July 1st this year, will be called the Quayside Open Access Centre and it will offer NHS healthcare services to anyone in the area. It will be open 8.00am to 8.00pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will incorporate a walk-in centre.

Dr Phillip Earnshaw, Medical Director of One Medicare said: "One Medicare is delighted to be setting up an exciting new service. This will be a flagship centre for One Medicare and will provide some welcome regeneration to the Freeman Street area of the town whilst also being available for everyone in North East Lincolnshire to use. We are committed to responding to the healthcare needs of the communities we serve, and look forward to working with North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus to deliver an excellent range of services."

Jane Lewington, Chief Executive at the CTP added, "The confirmation of the new health centre forms part of the Government's commitment to offer more choice to patients. The awarding of the new contract to One Medicare represents the culmination of a rigorous and exhaustive process to develop a new service which compliments and supports existing local services. The centre will work in particular with the local Open Door service to support the provision of primary care services to patients unable to access care through the traditional service routes."

The centre - which will complement existing GP services in the area - is being designed to take account of local needs and conditions and will provide a range of healthcare services. Residents of North East Lincolnshire can choose to register with the practice if they wish to, or access the services whilst remaining registered with their current GP surgery. For the first time patients who are not registered at the Quayside Open Access Centre but wish to be seen there by a doctor or a nurse can also book an appointment in advance.

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