Drs Earnshaw and Wynn are delighted to have taken over the running of Parkside Surgery at Parkside Community Health Centre on Dewsbury Road in Leeds, increasing its provision of NHS services, and securing the long term future of the practice.

The contract with Leeds PCT between Drs Earnshaw and Wynn, has provided practical and financial support for the practiceâs existing partner, Dr Abbott, following the retirement of her long-term partner Dr Evangelou.

Dr Earnshaw, Senior Partner, said: "Despite the news that Tempest Road Surgery within Parkside Community Health Centre is closing, Parkside Surgery continues to provide patients with high quality care from the Health Centre and we look forward to welcoming new patients to our practice should they wish to register with us.

The whole practice team is excited about moving the surgery forward and increasing the range of expert services and staff that we have available. The transition period has gone exceptionally smoothly and patients at the practice are pleased that high standards have been maintained."

The expertise and experience of the team has brought about a number of significant developments within the practice, such as investment in a minor surgery unit, allowing it to provide a more comprehensive service to its patients.

The practice also has Nurse Practitioners working within the surgery, with a range of skills to complement the existing nursing staff. In addition, Parkside Surgery has become a training practice for Nurse Practitioners, helping to increase the availability of skills across the region. In the future, the practice will look to add clinical receptionists to the staff, providing increased capacity for blood tests and ECGs within the centre.

The investment in the practice has enabled them to install a new up to date IT system, which will further enhance the level and quality of services they provide to patients. For example, patients who are referred to the local hospital for further treatment will be able to book appointments directly through the surgery, rather than having to wait for an appointment through the post.

Patients wishing to register with Parkside Surgery within the Parkside Community Health Centre should contact the surgery directly on 0113 270 4754.

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